Friday, October 8, 2010

Guo Da Li - 16 September 2010

My Guo Da Li (GDL) is finally over after all the preparation. I started since May and did not purchase any GDL during the lunar 7th month.

I'm proud to say. I purchased most of the stuff all by myself. SO helped by carrying the stuff and accompanying me.

My mum ordered the cakes, traditional cakes and biscuits.

It was a very long day. My SO woke up at 6 am in the morning. And my mum picked him up with all 40 plus boxes of cakes and delivered it to my place. So i get to sleep in till 7.30 am. We started delivering the cakes to relatives and my mum's friends soon after. The day ended at 11pm.

My cakes are the traditional type.

For the Bride
- 12 oranges
- 12 cans of pig trotters
- 2 bottles of Hennesy VSOP
- 4 point gold
- Dowry "Pin Jin"
- 4 ang pows (representing 2 pairs of dragon and phoenix candles)
- 38 boxes of Cakes
- 8 Traditional pea-cake
- 1 Candied peanut stripes (big)
- 1 Seasame peanut stripes (big)
- 2 Candied peanut stripes
- 2 Seasame peanut stripes
- Everlasting red cloth with yellow jade

For the Groom
- Return 8 oranges
- 2 bottles of orange juice
- 2 boxes of cakes
- 2 Candied peanut stripes
- 2 Seasame peanut stripes
- 1 Candied peanut stripes (big)
- 1 Seasame peanut stripes (big)
- 2 ang pows (representing phoenix candles)
- Dowry "Pin Jin"

Guo Da Li phototaking with my mum, aunt, hubby to be and me.

Lessons learnt.
- Plan the route and obtain specific address on behalf of your parents.

- Do the invitations early. Remind your parents. I did mine one week before but my mum did not get the full list of names. The invitations required for Guo Da Li was done 3 days before. I stayed up till 1 am every day to complete the task.

- Restrict the door to door visits to relatives only.
Unless your parents demands it. Its very tiring and rushed to complete it in one day. And we reached some relative's place like 10 plus pm.

Hope the above helps!

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