Monday, October 18, 2010

The perfect wedding and more than what a bride can wish for (REALLY!)

Its been 8 days after my wedding. Everything still seemed so surreal.

The wedding ran smoothly and perfectly. And i felt like a superstar with at least 5 cameras shooting me at any one time excluding the videographer. :)

Nearly had a heart attack when the make up artist was late. Agreed time was 6.50 am and earlier. As my mum insisted that i must be out of the house before 9 am. The PGs and VG had all arrived and still no sight of the MUA. *Hopping mad*. Fortunately, the gate crashing is short and sweet. (Send my love to my dear bridemaids) The bestmen never knew the doors ain't locked since the beginning. Funny how gentlemanly they all were.

The other minor set backs on the actual day was the bride suffering from lack of sleep. So my efforts of sleeping early for the week went down the drain. And i still ended up with puffy eyes. This cannot be helped as i seriously couldn't sleep the night before the wedding. Sigh!

And of course my clasp behind my gown had to give way just before my ROM. Sending everyone in a frenzy. All is resolved before dinner. And i have my desired classic wedding. The way i want it and within reasonable means.

Love my little creations which suits the mood of the classic wedding. I tend to do cutesy stuff and i tried really hard to make the wedding more classic then cute. So i won't look back in horror 20 years down the road and say OMG i didn't do this.

To sum it up i felt really happy that my months of efforts paid off.

Who says a wedding coordinator is needed?
Especially when you have such great friends and relatives who ran the show for you on the actual day. Of course, you must also have an impeccable sense of taste. BEAMS

Considering that I'm a bean counter by profession and if i can do it so can you. My job requires me to work overtime and i'm have not not done anything artistic except occassional scrapbooking. My artistic talents is generally limited to my secondary school art classes. No matter what, as a bride to be you must like and enjoy the process.

Take pride in your creation. Its probably much better than you think it is.

There are many DIY brides that share their templates and artworks which you can use too. And i've personally benefited from it.

Will share more of the wedding details and the individual really fantastic vendors from my wedding as soon as i can. Right now let me just basked in awe of my perfect wedding.

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