Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding car - Its was BMW and now a Jaguar!

I have always wanted to have a convertible for a wedding car.
More specifically a volkswagon cabriolet in baby blue or white. However, it has gained popularity since the time I started planning for a wedding. Now this little car is getting as hot as my wedding date. I have to forgo it.

In search for another car (its a personal preference not to get a Mercedes E200), I emailed several car rental company. Some does purely wedding car. For some, they do rental on a regular basis coupled with 2nd hand car sales.

Some of their replies in "fine print" makes me quite horrified. The terms specified includes:

- Limited trips and timing restriction
"Limited from 7am to 5pm usage,up to a max. of 5trips. Any
extension before or thereafter chargeable at $30 per hour per car and
subjected to availability at point of request."

- no assurance on delivery of service
"reserves the right to cancel the booking with a minimum of 1 months notice, in which case deposit will be refunded in full."

All these terms make me more careful in my wedding car selection. In the end, i settled for a Jaguar BMW 5 series with New Century Limousine Services.

The contact person , Serena, is nice and accomodating while allowing us to meet them face to face. Apparently, they usually take internet banking transfers with no meet up.

The downside is they do not have a shop front but the pricing for car rental is super competitive. Having many years of experience in the industry is also a huge plus. Its a joyride on 10 October 2010.

Solitaire's feedback:
Excellent service and prompt response. Serena is very responsible and reliable.

One week before the wedding, she called to inform us that our wedding car is involved in an accident and need an overhaul and it won't be on time for our wedding day. She offered us a replacement car in 2 colours , champagne and grey. We are still considering when she offered us an upgrade with the maroon Jaguar which suits better with my morning theme.

On the day, the driver, is on time and provide excellent service especially for some shots when 2 cars run almost parallel. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

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