Friday, November 26, 2010

Chronology - Digio Bridal Boutique

[The chronology of events is simply acts as a reference to give brides a rough idea of the flow of events. Remember to always communicate with your bridal coordinator. No one will know what you desire until you voice them out.]

For me, i always like to sit on matters until i'm certain that this is what i really want prior to liase with my coordinator. Apparently i didn't give him any heart attacks with my change of mind (i did not do it very frequently though).

The entire process from the gowns making to actual day is almost a year long so its important to work with someone you think you can communicate with. Else it is more a dread than joy for the photoshoot and actual day.

11 Nov 2008 - Recce bridal boutiques and sign on the spot with Digio
25 January 2010 - Design wedding gown
29 March 2010 - First fitting of wedding gown
02 April 2010 - Suppose to make evening gown but end up trying evenings gowns
24 April 2010 - Meet up with designer to design evening gown
16 May 2010 - Choosing of photoshoot wedding gowns and OTR actual day wedding gown
04 June 2010 - First fitting for evening gown and choosing of evening gowns
12 June 2010 - Final fitting of all gowns and first time groom get to see his suits.
14 June 2010 - Photoshoot day
16 July 2010 - Selection of photos round 1
24 July 2010 - Selection of photos round 2
25 July 2010 - Selection of photos round 3 (final)
26 August 2010 - View layout
28 August 2010 - Finalise layout for album*
11 Sept 2010 - Trial make up (optional)
08 October 2010 - Collection of gowns and suits for actual day
09 October 2010 - Collection of flower corsages, bouquet, following car ribbons and decoration for wedding car
10 October 2010 - Sit and look pretty as you make up artist dolls you up

*There are still minor touch ups required. And the graphic artist promised to edit and get back to us. The final layouts are all finalised and confirmed by 11 September.

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