Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick yet again

I think recently i've fallen sick on a regular basis. And all in a short span of 2 weeks apart from each other. I wonder if its because i tried to impede the process by taking loads of vitamins

Prior the wedding. I had the unfortunate encounter by having an eye stye. I never had one for my entire life. And just before the wedding it had to strike me. I was frantic. But i suppose it serves me right as i have used the contaminated eye lash product that i left unused for 1 month. All for the sake of looking my best on my day and it had the opposite effect. Fortunately i had 1.5 weeks before the actual day. And my doctor assured me that i will be well before. Alas few days down the road, i was down with flu. But it went away fast enough. Then before the honeymoon i was sniffing and coughing in office yet again. But it dissappeared miraculously enough.

And now days after i return from honeymoon, i was struck with sore throat, inflammation and high fever on Friday. Taking the panadol and anti-inflammatory tablets helped to bring down the fever but i was knocked out for the whole of Saturday. Now before the public holiday tomorrow, the sore throat is still there and i got cough and blocked nose.

I feel pretty wretched and frustrated at the moment....there is no place like my own home.

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