Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Perfect Ten movie soundtrack

I had the most difficult time to get my first march in song. To be fair in the literal sense, me and my SO decide to choose a song each.

I chose: Aslyn - That's when i love you.

For the longest time, i thought i settled my choice of song until i realise how difficult and expensive it is to get the songs i wanted. Aslyn, i realise too late, is a small time artist in USA. Her album is NOT available in Singapore. And for copyright purposes, the songs must be original. OMG. Its 1 month to my wedding then.

I tried to make do with other songs. But i found that that "That's when i love you" is the most meaningful and ultimate love song.

Thanks to my great sis i finally got the album from another movie soundtrack from Japan - How to deal. Relieved.

Here's my first march in song that i really loved.

For the second march in, it came from my hotel's song list. Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand - I Finally Found Someone.

The Background Music:
Joanna Wong's Let's start from here.
I loved this album for its compilation of very nice love songs. Its moving and the singer's voice is soulful. It created the perfect ambience for my wedding.

Disc 1 (English)
Let's Start From Here
Lost In Paradise
As Love Begins to Mend
Bada Bada
Lost Taipei
The Best Mistake I've Ever Made
I Love You
For No Reason
Stages of Flying
True (Spandau Ballet)
New York State of Mind

Here's some of my favourite songs from her.

Buy Joanne Wong's album from AMAZON 
Things We Do for Love

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