Saturday, January 16, 2010

Banquet Marina Mandarin

I dropped by Marina Mandarin for a browse after i visited the Mandarin Oriental Wedding Show. Hence, the lack of information and pictures too. But this place is definitely one of the most popular venues choosen by wedding couples. Most times, the dates are taken up very early.

The menu is fixed at one except for weekdays where there is two options available. Miracle of Love and Glow of Love. Needless to say, different pricing applies.

Sweet Enchantment and Blushing bliss (Saturday only) is available for weekends.

There is a wedding on the day we visit. And so we went to take a look at the ballroom in the basement. There is another ballroom on the upper levels, Vanda Ballroom.

Table requirements:

Marina Mandarin Ballroom: min 35 (Mon-Thu) and max 60. min 40 tables (on Fri-Sun)
Vanda Ballroom: min 20 - max 30

Marina Mandarin Ballroom

The wedding couple for the night left their wedding album outside very very early. At least 4 hours before the dinner commence.

Alert to all brides, please don't do that.Strangers will flipped through them and make nasty comments unwarranted (i was there and heard this couple making snide remarks). That is not the worse. What if your wedding album got misplaced or stolen. That will definitely be a blooper to your wedding fanfare.

The reception table.

The ballroom. Woah...looks pretty grand isn't it?

A close up of the decor.

The guest table

The wedding favour, bear groom.

The wedding favour, bear bride

The stage is set up with rose petals arranged in a heart shaped surrounded by candles. Not too sure if this is the typical decoration or specific request from the wedding couple.

This is what you see from the stage.

The stage. There is definitely enough leg room.

The bridal suite

I guess the pictures does speak a thousand words. So i shall just end here. Enjoy.

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