Monday, January 25, 2010

My bridal boutique experience

Today is my first appointment to the bridal boutique since 2008. Yes, i purchased my package a really long time ago.

Months of research and elimations and i finally came out with my selection. I realise that my taste does change over a the year. I uploaded my desired gowns to picasa and ripped hard copies from magazines.

The process of make to measure (MTM) wedding happened so fast and completed in 1.5 hours that it felt really surreal. Am i really making my wedding gown? I tried on 6 gowns in succession. Unable to take any pictures to show as it wasn't allowed.

I told my designer Casey that i wanted something that i can look back in 10 years and hey i still look good. Glamourous, elegant, timeless and classic is the wedding gown for me.

And of course i must capitalise on Digio's strengths. i.e embroidered gowns.

The gown is something like the above complete with a bow and embroidered minus the ruffles. I fully trust Casey to design my dream wedding gown. Hopefully, the final product exceeds all my expectations.

Looking forward to the next appointment in March 2010.

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