Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Bands

I been looking around for bands for quite some time now. For the moment, most of my window shopping involved going into jewellery shops.

I will categorise them as follows:
- designer brands
- local brands
- customised

Designer Brands

They generally refer to big international brand names. The following are those that i can name off the cuff
- Cartier
- Blvagri
- Georg Jensen
- Tiffany & Co

Local Brands

Local brands refers to our local well known jewellery boutiques.
- Lee Hwa
- Gold heart
- Aspial
- Poh Heng
- Tian Po
- Soo Kee


For these shops, they are definitely pricier as you will be customising your own and you'll owe a ring that is the only pair in the entire universe.
- Josi Gems
- Ling fine jewellery
- Fairy's Inc

I don't think that i will customise my wedding bands. From experience, the sales tactic they will apply here is that wedding bands are to be worn for life rather than all your other wedding expenses that are only for the moment so its worth it to spend a bit on your bands. Still i'm mindful of spending too much on my wedding afterall "A wedding is only one day but marriage is a liftime."

But of course, a customised pair is definitely one of kind. Though some self designed wedding bands are not aesthetically pleasing.

Sadly, despite my numerous trips to the numerous jewellery shops mainly from local brands there only 1 or 2 pairs that i like. I wouldn't insist on buying platinum. As i've found out it also prone to scratches and it is so much more expensive than gold. (though as it is gold is getting more and more expensive)

Here's some of my favourites:
This is from Soo Kee.

Ladies: S$1,039, Male: S$799

Unfortunately, the price has increased by S$140 due to its popularity. I so upset about it. As i think its one of the nicest and also very affordable pair. The moral of the story is if the price is right and you like what you wish to buy just do it!

Intimo rose gold ring from Gold heart

Ladies: S$968, Male: S$888

Lvc purete from Love & Co

Ladies: S$838

New York from Soo Kee

Ladies: S$1,289, Male: S$939

This is a very cute ring for the bride from Ling's Jewellery. Out of jest, my beau suggested to make mickey and minnie mouse wedding bands. *roll eyes*

Ladies: Approx S$1,200

I will love to own this unique piece. There is also crown look-a-like rings that i think is nice for a wedding band but first you have to convince your partner to wear it.

For now, i hope i can find another pair of rings that i love and still within S$1,500.

The prices indicated here are correct to the best of my knowledge today.

Tip: Purchases during sales periods are always the best for the best deal. Limited offer items (old inventory) may also have special discounts up to 50% of list price.

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