Friday, January 22, 2010

Banquet Sheraton


There is only one ballroom for wedding banquet.

Upon entrance, I'm greeted by a ornate gold frame showing the event of the day. There is a extensive carpeted staircase.

The menu is a design your own. i.e Select from the banquet selection for each category.

There is a variety of floral to choose from for the wedding decoration.

The ballroom

The reception area is quite big.

Love the red flowers against the black reception table. A sharp contrast.

The long reception table with a wooden finish.

The seating arrangement for the day.

The photos of the wedding couple on LCD screen.

Sheraton is one of the few hotels where the lighting is able to illuminate to every table. This couple choose a rainbow colour.

The VIP table.

The ballroom with another floral decoration

Another perspective

The guest tables

The VIP table arrangement

Table requirements: min 30 (weekday) min 36 (weekend) - max 54


The restaurant and the mini waterfall.

The bridge linking to the patio area for ROM

The mini waterfall.

The ROM arrangement

An actual ROM in process.

Wedding Favours

This exquisite jewellery box catch my eye. So pretty.

The wedding card is also very interesting and personalised.

My Review

Charges apply for solemnization on actual day banquet. A buffet dessert can be arranged.

In all, personal customisation is available for your wedding. Floral selections can be selected. Please note that the pricing for the table for a table of 12.

On wedding show, more perks are available for wedding couple. I understand usually a smaller scale wedding show is held on May and August. A more elaborate wedding show will be held in Oct.

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