Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crocheted Wedding Dolls (Yet again)

I did a 2nd set of wedding dolls. This time it took much much longer (4 months) than the first set.

Practise does make perfect. at least, i can do the hair portion much better now.

This pair of dolls are the wearing the chinese costumes. The typical dressing in a chinese wedding.

Wedding gown and kua combination.

Here's a quick tutorial for brides who are interested in make it themselves.

The parts to be be sewed together. (head, hair, 2 arms. for the groom additional 2 feet)

First sew the hair together. Followed by the head with the torso.

Attached the arms and legs.

The end product.
The sakura with paper flowers.
The grooms red cai qiu.
The back of the dolls. Cute right?
Smucks! A long good kiss.

Good luck in your own creation!

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