Thursday, July 8, 2010

The clapboard

Oh yes i did promise to write about my clapboard. It took this long because the clapboard came from china chipped.

I hope when the thing was delivered by the vendor it was in perfect shape and its only broke when they try to ship out to Singapore. Whatever it is. It still broke.

It took a while for me to think how to fix it to look as good as new.

This is the already mended clapboard.

A closer scrutiny.

The back of the clapboard. Its pretty obvious even after mending.

To rectify it, i need to cut a part of some acrylic cover i used to use for my project.

The same for the back part.

So to beautify it further i got some scrapbooking ribbon (a birthday gift from friends) and am deciding between just adorning the bottom or all around.

Being lousy with visualisation, i got to see it to know it.

I decided to line only the bottom of the clapboard. Doing it all over seem to spoil the entire clapboard feel.

The finished product. You almost cannot see that broken part.

Grins! Yay!

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