Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anna Nucci - Italy

I've been on a lookout for bling bling diamante shoes for some time. After window shopping for some time, i still came back to this brand. As it is the not so expensive and still bling, bright and shining.

Some places i visited include paragon-metro and takashimaya. The prices are somewhat similar. The ones at Takashimaya is extremely expensive though.

I also did take a look at Essex walk and Leaping lizards the made to measure shoes. After my encounter with made to measure (MTM) wedding gowns. I have to think doubly hard on anything that requires MTM.

There is another pair that i was laming for from the same shop. I love it because the heels are encrusted with blings too. And the price difference is like S$10. In the end, i purchased the current pair that i wore for the photoshoot. Glad i did buy this pair because the front of the other pair is wider and my feet is prone to slipping out from the front.

Shoes: S$138.90

Solitairebride's review:
The shoes are really glamourous. I was pleased with my purchase until it the diamantes fell off the shoe. Its an entire string of it somemore.

I was planning on wearing it for the third (and last time) for my company dinner and dance. I guess its the last time it will ever see the day. The entire diamante got caught on the carpet and got ripped off. On closer inspection, all the diamonds are actually hot glued. Even the metal string enveloping the diamante is also hot glued. I think the price is reasonable but the quality says alot. At least the shoes survived the wedding for that i'm super glad.

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