Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More crocheted wedding dolls

I finally saw my pre-ordered wedding dolls on the day of my wedding shoot.

At the beginning, there was a little unhappiness when i ordered the dolls as the seller increased the price by 2 times the original quote. I felt extremely indignant then.

Although, it is the seller's right to increase price in accordance to market conditions but the fact is i wanted to make the dolls much earlier (and at the cheaper price) but was asked to delay since my wedding is in 2010. Fortunately, in the end, she reduced the price for me out of goodwill.

So happy when i finally thought i got the entire order settled. Thinking that all that i need to do is to wait patiently and collect them on 4 June.

Few days before 4 June, i dropped the seller a message. I got another bomb shell. She asked for an extension till the following Thursday which i obliged. Come wednesday, she informed me that she fell sick and can only passed the dolls to me during the weekend. And my photoshoot is on Monday.

I started wondering if my beautiful dolls won't make it to my shoot. Fortunately, i finally got them on Sunday. On Saturday, i received the MMS pictures (phew!) and was very happy that all was but a scare.

My original intention is the put the dolls at the hood of the wedding car. I'm still seriously considering this option. Because the dolls are sooooo pretty.

Moreover, the doll brides' bouquet is made of paper. I may need to remove it if i'm putting it on the hood.

Nevertheless I'm glad the dolls are incorporated as part of my photoshoot. Pair of dolls but used in many ways.

Here's my beautiful dolls:


  1. Oh dear, I am sorry that you ordered from her, my bride is now stained with yellow spots because lace is not meant to keep long. I also cannot wash the dolls because of all the different materials used. I read in a forum of very poor review of this seller, but already too late. I really regret now, it's very important event.

  2. oh dear...when is your wedding?
    I didn't know there is any review so i just buy. i hope the lace will hang in there till my wedding!