Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hwee Studios make me so PRETTY

Its been months after the wedding and i've completed most of what i wanted to write and share. One of the last few things i love to share is my wedding photographer and also special highlights on the various things prepared for the wedding.

The special highlights are important so that every little effort was remembered. Its a must because i've put my heart and soul to it.

The photos from Hwee Studios are so pretty that i printed a mind boggling number of 500 pictures. Anyway i've already excercised restraint during my selection. I think i've never looked so pretty in my life. Makes me want to take MORE pictures. Ewwwww.... a wedding photographer is a definite must for a wedding and make sure he/she is GOOD. The pictures are going to last forever. I'm very pleased with my photos. Mucks to apple for making me so beautiful. Super Thumbs Up!

I'll let the photos do the talking

Hwee Studios
Photographer: Apple

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