Friday, March 25, 2011

New Look

Yups! Solitaire Wedding has undergone a new look. Post wedding.
The transition from singlehood to marriage isn't that bad.

Not that my other partner is easy to live with. I'm attempting to change some of his habits. Fortunately he didn't try to change mine. :)

I'm not having it easy either. I missed home cooked food the most. The outside food is giving me weight gain. I've accumulated kilos since the wedding. Something i'm attempting to shed. One new colleague thought that i haven go through my customary. Ok i'm a vainpot. I like to be slim and slender. Which girl doesn't by the way?

Housework is always hounding me nowadays. I try to make him do it as much as i can. Its a fair world. Guys you shouldn't make the girls do all the work and shake leg. We are both working and we need to put our feet up sometimes and indulge in ourselves sometimes. So help out! That said let me go pester my other half to do his bit now.

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