Friday, March 11, 2011

Peony Jade Wedding Review- Clarke Quay

Peony Jade is one of the popular restaurants that couples usually choose for wedding dinner. Hence, a review on the venue. There are two Peony Jade restaurants, Clarke Quay and Keppel Club.
With the Clarke Quay location being a more accessible location.

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and there is a lift leading up to the restaurant but during weddings taking the stairs is usually the better option.


The theme of the ballroom has already been pre-determined. Though couples have a choice of chair sash colour.
The wedding cake

The glass tower

Peony flowers attached to the VIP chairs

the menu on the table

the pepper container - a nice touch with the wedding couple
the VIP table

the guest table

the red carpet

Dinner Menu
Or part thereof.

the Cold dish

sharks' fin

the fish

I love this dish as i've no seen it for weddings for a while. Nowadays only fillets are served in Hotels now.

broccoli and abalone

Solitairebride review:
Foodwise i think it will surpass most hotel's foodfare in terms of taste. Food is normal cantonese food which doesn't delight.

Decoration is reasonable for its price. But the shape of the ballroom as well as the space constraints (narrow walkway) during march in is something wedding couples should be aware of.

For make up and dressing, there is a separate room where the bride can rest while waiting.

Most couples will usually be pleasantly surprised but at Peony Jade there is usually a confetti canon released during the couple's champagne toasting on stage. Please note to inform your photographer if you made any changes to this arrangement.

The ballroom is L shape. The view towards the end is usually the poorest. And expect one table's view to be fully blocked.

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