Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food tasting at Regent Hotel

Food tasting at Summer Pavilion (6 April 2012)

Setup of the flowers at the lobby, this time with new flowers.

Part of the reason why I chose Regent Hotel is due to its contemporary American furnishing which would be a ideal photoshoot location. 

Part of the lobby and wine lounge area. Heard the grand piano is also a popular choice for photoshoot. 

Typically, food tasting is 1 month in advance of the wedding so that the couple and guests would be able to remember the taste of the food. Due to the fact that we were an international couple, there were only certain months when we can get to meet. Our food tasting was actually 6 months prior to our wedding where we have arranged for our families to meet in Singapore during a spring vacation. 

Food tasting was only complimentary for 8 persons with Tanglin Room booking. Additional guests were charged with 20% discount. Wine was not included in the food tasting and hence we had to top up for wine if we wanted to taste the wine that was to be served to our guests on our wedding day. Food tasting was held only between Monday - Thursday at Summer Pavilion during dinner. I was appreciative that my banquet manager was willing to help me change it to a lunch on a public holiday (with ample time notice, of course) where families from both sides were able to attend. 

Dish 1- Regent Deluxe Combination, our selection were sliced suckling pig, roast duck, jelly fish, prawn salad and vegetable spring rolls. 

Dish 2 - Braised Bird's Nest soup with conpoy, crabmeat and winter melon

Dish 2 - Summer Palace 8 treasure soup: black fungus, sliced abalone, mushrooms, sliced scallops, bamboo pith, bamboo shoots, sea cucmber and fish maw

Regent hotel started to join in the ranks to become a no shark fin's hotel since January 2012 so our original contract stated had shark fins but I was notified when making the food tasting selection that shark fins were not to be served so I requested for half portion soup dishes to be served so that we can choose between 2. Therefore 2 bowls of soups each for 5 persons were served. We ended up choosing the Braised bird nest soup as it was more flavorful. 

Dish 3 - Poached live prawns with Chinese herbs and hua diao wine. 

Dish 4 - Braised broccoli with golden mushrooms and dried scallops in oyster sauce. 

Dish 5 - Smoked chicken with Jasmine tea leaves

Dish 6 - Grilled cod fish in Teriyaki sauce. 

This is where Regent Hotel staff failed, on our menu card it was printed to be "steam cod fish in superior soy sauce" but what was served to be us was completely different. It did not occur to us that this was not steamed cod fish until 1 week before the wedding when I was confirming the last details with the banquet manager than they realised their mistake of serving the wrong dish during food tasting. Luckily, the method of cooking with the cod wasn't too bad so we stuck to what we had tasted. 

Dish 7 - Deep fried spare ribs in coffee sauce with crispy chinese buns. 

Dish 8 - Stewed Ee-fun noodles with yellow chives. 

Dish 9 - Warm yam paste with gingko nuts and coconut milk

In conclusion, the food were excellent on food tasting day and on our actual wedding day too. Of course, my husband and I barely ate anything on the wedding day but most of our guests were telling us how much they enjoyed the food that night was a sure sign. 

Wedding favors we selected for our wedding day - in line with the union of Chinese + Japanese. 

Keeping in tradition for our wedding card. 

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