Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sheraton Towers - Topaz Room

Sheraton Towers was the first hotel I had an appointment with. 2 of their main drawing factors to me were its proximity to the MRT station and the banquet food would come from Li Bai Chinese restaurant.

My first impression of the hotel was that they have a grand stairway which would make it a ideal photoshoot spot. Heard that the stairway was popular with many new couples. 

The banquet manager who met me was polite and made me feel at ease with her even though I was doing the viewing alone. She was quite flexible with some of my requests to exchange some of the perks for other items which I was more interested in. She even offered to lock down the date for the room I was interested and asked me to book the venue 2 weeks later as there was a bridal show upcoming so I could secure the perks from the bridal show. No waiver from the bridal show even if I could confirm my booking during the bridal show. However, they were the only hotel that was willing to lock down the date I wanted so I could sign with them. This made me felt that they were sincere with me. 

Solemnization venue could be at the waterfall area at an additional cost. Potential risk that the solemnization might be moved to an indoor function room if there was rain and you still have to pay for the venue! In terms of decoration, chair covers and basic floral decorations would be given but you would have to top up if you want more flowers. 

Guest setting from one of their themes - Whimsical. Looks a little fairy tale like with the purple lights on. 

Some of their Aisle floral stand choices

Some of the VIP table floral pieces. 

Bridal suites were their executive rooms themed after different cities around the world. The new couple would only know which "city" they would be staying at upon check in. 

In terms of the banquet package, it was quite a standard fare. It would all depend on how one negotiate the package. However, Sheraton Towers was quite open to swapping some of the perks for other perks but not on the alcohol as we have to buy it from the hotel. 

Food choices were impressive and there was a lot to choose from their list. In terms of food selection, I did not think I would have to worry if I sign on with them.

However, Sheraton Towers ended up being my second choice even though I went down to view it twice. WHY? 

1) Seating of 12 guests per table meant that my maximum number of guests would only be at 144 guests. Extra guests might have to be slotted in to make up tables of 13 and this number did not make my family too happy as they did not like the odd numbers. At that point in time, my rough estimate was about 150-160 guests so it would be very tight on us to commit to a venue with 144 guests. 

2) The march in for Topaz Room was extremely short, as the new couple would only march in the breadth of the room for the 12 tables setting.

Coupled with the fact, that both my husband and I had long legs so I was sure that our march be would be completed in 5-6 steps. 

ps: Ok, I have to admit....the short march in did kill my preference for Sheraton Towers. :P

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