Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Traders Hotel - Temasek Room

I viewed Traders Hotel as they only need a minimum 15 tables to book their venue for a weekend dinner banquet. Their price was the lowest among the hotels I was looking at so they won in terms of pricing for their normal wedding dinner package. 

The banquet manager was very business like and was not very open to adding perks or exchanging some of the items I did not need. She wasn't willing to lock down the date I was interested so that I could sign up with their upcoming bridal show then and asked me to confirm immediately instead citing that the date might not be available if I waited till the bridal show. I did not connect with her as much as I did with the manager from Sheraton Towers. 

Their menu was limited to only 2 food choices per food type and the pricing for their premium wedding dinner package was a little high considering that they were more of a business hotel setting. Please note that they are a no shark fin hotel. (which I thought is fine since we should try our best to protect the environment and animals)

Long march in for The Temasek Room. Definitely a plus point for me. Their march could be a choice of bubble machine or smoke machine. That could be a plus point since bubble effect isn't that common during wedding march ins. The reception area is also private to the new couple who booked the Temasek Room so it would be quite exclusive. 

Set up of their function room for solemnization.

Not too much other information or details from Traders Hotel as I was sure that it wasn't the venue I was looking for. (It just did not connect with me too much likely due to its business hotel setting and the function room was pretty much enclosed and I felt it was a little catastrophic) 

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