Thursday, January 31, 2013

Regent Hotel - Actual day Happenings

On our Wedding day (October 27 2012)

Some snippets from our experience with Regent Hotel on our actual wedding (Oct 27, 2012). 
Most of our guests were staying in the hotel during the period for our wedding and I was scheduled to come to the hotel for my second dress change after the groom picked me up from my home. The original check in time to our bridal suite was 2pm but the sharp eyed staff noticed that we were that at about 1030am with the intent to do some photoshoot before heading to my husband's room to make a dress change. She approached us and informed us that they could check us in immediately since the bridal suite was available. This made things easier for us as we can come back directly to the hotel and zip into our bridal suite after the end of the morning activities at my home and not bunking in a small hotel room which the husband is sharing with his best men. 

However, it was later in the afternoon when we came back that we realised that the room phone was spoilt and this did pose a big inconvenience for us since a lot of people were visiting us in our suite. They offered a room change but we were pretty settled into the room and it would be an even bigger inconvenience for us to swap room. I had to give my mobile number so that they can call us whenever our guests visited. They sent in a dessert stand later in the night to apologise. 

The function room decorated for our solemnization that evening. March in music can be used too as they have a music player in the room. 

Cake and champagne pouring setup 

Details of the model cake. 

We choose the Elements of Elegance theme. VIP table set up, for our flowers we chose a mixture of pink colored roses instead of all of the same tone.  

Guest table set up

View of the room with the theme chosen. Alternate chairs were tied with baby pink sash with a darker pink colored lampshades (which originally were usually reserved for the ballroom) as I did not like the light pink shade reserved for use in Tanglin Room. 

Tanglin Room was renovated in August 2012 and there are now 4 projectors in the room so there is no worry that the guests would not be able to watch the video montages any more. 

1 of the drawback as previsously mentioned would be that reception area was a little tight in space. I had a total of 160 guests for my dinner reception and about 80% of my guests had arrived by 730pm that evening. The cocktail area was a little tight before the doors opened at 745pm. 


  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing with me on who was your planner?

  2. @Felicia: My original planner left just 4 months before the wedding and was replaced by Natalie Cheah.