Monday, February 4, 2013

Bridal Closet Singapore

I was a little more adventurous when I started my bridal gown hunting. Trinity bride, myself of course strike off  Digio Bridal since Solitaire Bride was a bride there. I don't want our wedding albums to look so much alike. I wanted to look out of the Tanjong Pagar stretch in the hope that the bridal boutiques may offer something different. 

My first appointment was with Bridal Closet, a little bridal shop somewhere near Eunos. No one would think that in the quiet neighbourhood, there would have a bridal shop with a pretty extensive bridal collection which gets updated every 2-3 months. As quoted from their friendly sales staff that their pricing is very much lowered compared to the Tanjong Pagar shops is due to their lower rent and hence they can pass on the savings to their customers. 

Unlike most bridal shops, Bridal Closet welcomes customers to take photos of their gowns which I think it is actually a free form of advertisement since they may potentially be uploaded and shared via their facebooks or blogs. It could also be likely that their gowns may not be designed in house but bought from overseas vendors so customers are free to take photos of the gowns they tried. 

Business was pretty brisk on that particular Sunday morning I went, most of their customers were actually brides who had take wedding photos overseas and wanted a cheaper alternative for their wedding dress in Singapore for their actual wedding day since their cheapest wedding day package start at S$388.
Wedding dress 1

This was one of the most popular dress designs when I was trying it on. In the span of 2.5 hours I was there about 4 brides tried this dress on. The wedding dress looked very princessy and romantic and was of better quality compared to the ones I tried later on. 
Wedding dress 2 

Similar design to wedding dress one but with a heart shaped bustier and more embellishments on the dress to create a 3D effect. 
Wedding Dress 3

My preferred choice was toga style but most of the designs available was bustier/tube design. This was the only toga style they had on that day but I did not like it as it was too flashy in my opinion. But now, I realise that most of their dresses were all tied back so that it could fit more brides of various body shapes and sizes. 
Wedding dress 4

If you want something simple, they have it too. This would be ideal for brides out on a photoshoot in a outdoor locations. I asked if they have this design in their evening gown selection but they don't. I think the long flowy tail would be nice on photo. 

Wedding dress 5

This belong to the premium gown category where the top up could be between S$300 - S$500 as these gowns are of better quality material, better workmanship and newer designs. These gowns are only available for use in hotel/churches and not for outdoor location photoshoot. Wedding dress 5 needed a S$500 top up and the skirt was actually made up of 3D flowers but it was really heavy. I think this dress could create a WOW effect during a long march in. 

Wedding dress 6

This was also a S$500 top up wedding dress made of French lace. I thought the A-lined design paired with the lace was a classic and simple dress. It was my favorite amongst all that I had tried 

Evening dress 1

Their evening dress collection was not as extensive as compared to their wedding dress collection. I only managed to catch an eye on 2 of their dresses (actually I was tired from trying out the heavy wedding dresses) 
Evening dress 2.

Overall, I had an enjoyable session at the Bridal Closet. Their package was economical but you have to top up if you want better dresses on your wedding dress. Their staff were friendly and helpful, they did not even say no to even after I tried on so many dresses when I have not decided if I want to sign on a package with them. I did not sign up with them eventually as the photographer's style was not what I liked (at that point in time, they might have changed their partner photographer) and if I had to find another photographer on my own, the total cost would be out of my budget. Factoring in that most of the gowns that I like needed to top up, that could add up to a cost close a simple all in package from the Tanjong Pagar Bridal shops. 

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