Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wedding Banner DIY

My banner idea wasn't original but inspired by my friend, Jin, in Austin whom made a DIY banner for her save the date photoshoot. I asked her for the template and got down to working on this about 1 week prior to my photoshoot. 

"Ingredients" needed - cupboard paper, patterned paper (I used gift wrap paper as I liked the galaxy print on the gift wrap paper), ribbon, stencils, scissors, hole puncher and bowls. Yup, Bowls were used to create the circle patterns. :)

Taking form....

I printed out numbers from patterns found on the internet.

Everything all stringed up and taped and ready for use. 

We used the banner extensively for our pre-wedding photoshoot at the Marina Barrage. 

We also it as part of our center piece during our solemnization of my marriage. 

Simple things you can do to spruce up your wedding and for myself, it was something that my husband and I did together which made it more memorable for us since we planned the weddings from 2 different countries. 


  1. wow, yi-jin, this is awesome! i'm really blown away that somebody i know used my DIYs! lol! everything turned out great!

  2. thanks for the ideas...too bad I do not have the energy to do too much DIY like you. congrats to getting your wedding shared on the houston wedding blog :)