Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wedding Shoes DIY

Just like the wedding dress, most brides would also pay special attention to their bridal shoes. There are so different types of shoes to choose from but for Trinity Bride, she choose to modify a pair of her cream colored 2.5 inches heels for her actual day.

I have this pair of rarely wore heels sitting in my shoe cabinet for almost a year. I thought of wearing it for my wedding day but I found that the flower decoration on the heel actually dropped off. 

Removing the flowers off the shoes, I thought they were just perfect for the wedding. I don't usually wear heels on a general day and I don't want to writhe in discomfort in a new pair of heels on my photoshoot and wedding day. To me, comfort is the foremost important thing on such an important event. Plus, the dress is so long, who is going to see my shoes? 

I could just leave the shoes as it is but I found a piece of old lace from my mother's stash....Isn't there a saying that says "Something old", so this was my something old. 

They almost look new isn't it? Most importantly, I walked with comfort the whole day.

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