Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Bedsheets

It pays to do your homework beforehand. By that i mean, checking out the prices in chinatown and using some online websites for information.

Somehow, certain local speciality shops with websites seem to charge items more than the normal shops in chinatown.

I can't remember the exact quote for a wedding bedsheet nor the exact details but a King size one is approximately S$85 (1 bolster, 2 pillows, 1 bedsheet and quilt cover)

The deal i got is probably slightly better (maybe i'm just trying to delude myself that i got a better deal).

Actually, i got 2 separate sets. In a way, they complement each other. The traditional cartoon is the same. And the colour is gold and red.

I got this from Akemi at Queensbay Shopping Mall (Penang). Its such a deal at 70% off. Its like MYR 59 (SGD 25.50).

Its 250 thread count for cotton. (King size comes with a bedsheet, 1 bolster case and 2 pillows)

This set is from Aussino at Gurney Plaza(Penang). Its also at 50% off at MYR 144 (SGD 63). This set is selling in Singapore for S$89.90 now. The set comprises a quilt cover and 2 pillow cases.

I got extra 2 pillow cases for my wedding set trousseau now.

Total paid for the bedsheets: SGD 88
Quality at a superb price.

By the way, i have not gotten my bed. So now i just have to go for a King size bed. Even if its not a king size one. I can just alter the King to a Queen. Shows that I did put my thought on every decision made. *Praise to myself* Giggles.

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