Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To buy or not to buy the Nu-bra

There are alot of nu-bra in the market. I tried and purchase one some years ago from Metro. It was so long ago and rarely used that i nearly forgotten its existence till i was doing a checklist of things to bring for my photoshoot.

Somehow or rather this is one of the must bring items on a taiwan photoshoot. (according to their websites.) Local bridal shops make no mention of it. I wonder why?

And so i tried on my old nu-bra (and apparently the front clasp fell apart! Gasped!). So i have no choice but to seek a new one.

Next question is where to get one? The one that i purchase actually doesn't work very well. Somehow the bra keep peeling off when the weather is damn hot and of course i sweat. As a girl its feels pretty insecure if your bra keep slipping off right?

To play it safe i finally decide to get the authentic one. At least currently they have a 10% discount.

Located at Bencoolen street, Sunshine plaza #01-38 its quite out of the way.

The red curtain behind is the fitting room. While i was there, there is only one lady tending the shop and she's assisting a young girl with her fitting. This suits me as i can find the time to actually browse and take some pics for my blog.

See the dizzy array of nu-bra. Feather lite and some even for beach wear.

Here's what i came all the way for.

The original nu-bra

And the revamped push up bra.

It costs $40 more too.

So the same lady who was assisting the earlier girl helped me with the selection. First she asked the cup size and then showed me the 2 bras.

Now is the X-rated part. I guess you have to be ready to put aside your inhibitions for this. If you're not ready please don't read further.

Okies here goes:

She asked to me to show her my breasts (shall code name it Mimi for ease of reference). And asked me to wipe them with wet tissues followed by dry ones. She examine mimi critically and promptly tell me i may have gotten my cup size wrong! So she try to place the original size on me and then say she will let me try the bigger cup size one. If i can fit, its going to look better on me.

Thereafter, she kneaded and cupped mimi so that i can look better with the bra. And asked me to compare between the 2 bras. Oh man! i'm one who like to observe and slowly reach a decision.

How to do it when there is one other woman in front of me? Waiting for me to make my decision.

At this point in time, i either tell her calmly i'm not buying the nu-bra or buy it under pressure. This is the hard part for some as you probably feel obligated already. But since i need it and don't have time to source for alternative already. I bought it on the original one on-spot.

I was offered to buy featherlite at a cheaper price of S$28 since i bought the nu-bra. I was asked to buy the nu-bra cleanser as well which i politely declined and asked for a freebie cleaner instead. I was giving a mini mini 3 ml bottle.

So remember to just ask! Who knows you may just be given something.

I tried the nu-bra with my gowns during the final match and fitting. I seem to encounter the same problem with the earlier nu-bra. Drats! Shall share more after my photoshoot.

Edited with solitairebride's comments:
The original nu-bra that i purchase does not give me the cleavage i wanted but it does enhance the body shape and as a result i look more well-endowned.

During the photoshoot, i encounter the similar problem slipping nu-bra problem. The nu-bra does not seem to stick very well at all. It was worse when i went outdoor. But as my gowns are all very fitting, there isn't any risk of the nu-bra falling out.

All in all, i'm still glad i purchased the nu-bra for the extra ommph but it would be better if it can be sticker.

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