Friday, June 4, 2010

Bontanical Gardens

There are really alot of locations to choose for photoshoot. Unfortunately, we can't go to everyone of them.

I hope to have at the very least, flowers, greenery, the sea and buildings in my photoshoot. Sounds like a good bit to cover.

I try to avoid paid locations where possible. Why give people the opportunity to charge in public areas where it should be free anyway. Its simply an excuse for them to rip the newlyweds again.

There are alot of barricades around the time when we took these photos as there is a concert going on the next day. Anyway, this is the tree where alot of couples take photos. I wonder if we can still sit on it since the branch looks like it needed support.

The typical canopy tent. Suddenly this remind me of the canopy where the guy propose to alice in Alice in the wonderland. Maybe i should do a similar pose? Force my beau to go on his knees and propose. And have it captured in the moment forever.

And this is great for creating mystical or dreamy pose. Looks like we are in the woods when taken at this angle.

There ain't any orchids here. Such a shame. I hope there is some blooming on 14 June( Yeah! its my photoshoot day). Alternatively, i shall pay an entrance fee of S$5 each. This sounds like i'm contradicting myself earlier but in actual fact no. This is the normal entrance fee and i don't need to pay additional simply to take wedding photos.

The waterfall....from the outside.

There is always 2 perspectives or 2 sides of a coin. But if photos are taken from inside. Its going to be pretty challenging.

Pretty veins hanging from a tree.

Another pretty tent.

My unsuspecting 'models'.

A unique angle for composition.

Botanical gardens fulfils the greenery and maybe the flowers. Most important its near dempsey. Another potential photoshoot location.

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