Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pre-wedding photoshoot - Preparation

Here's a quick list for reference. This is by no means comprehensive.
Please do add on your comments for sharing with other brides.

Prepare your skin for the photoshoot.
- facial
- face mask
- eye mask

Hair Grooming
Do not curl or straighten the hair before photoshoot.
Maybe consider to do dye or hair cut prior to the photoshoot.

- shoes (for groom and bride)
- belt (for groom)
- Bow tie (groom)
- Cravat (groom)
- Cummerband (groom)
- Tuxedo shirt and coloured shirt (groom)
- Any preferred jacket (groom)
- Accessories - earrings and necklace (bride)
- Nubra (bride)
- New lingerie (bride)

- soft toys
- solitaire diamond ring
- wedding bands
- any items that are of significance to you
- Prepare list of photos for photographer reference.
This is so that they can determine and take the photos you like. It is important to discuss with your photographer the places that you propose to go for outdoor shots and also the photos you like.
- Prepare list of photos for make up artist reference.

Photoshoot locations

- Nature and the flowers
- Sea and the beach
- Gardens
- Indoors (museum, horse riding clubs, churches, parliment house etc)

If you are taking photoshoot on weekends, do consider the crowds. Its difficult to take pictures with too many people around.

Other expenses to consider are entrance fees or charges required to take shoots at certain places like the museum. Of course if you are driving, make sure you at least know the roads well to reduce ERP.

Solitairebride's preparation:

Before actual day

1) Pair of diamante 3.5" bling heels (Anna Nucci)
2) Pair of fuschia 3.5" heels (Caparros from Tang + co)
3) Hair cut and dye hair for the bride at Hair Mechanics by Libby
Love the colour of the hair absolutely. It extremely pricey and blew a hole in my pocket.
4) Sport shoes for casual shots
5) Pearl Necklace
6) Bling necklace and earrings
7) List of hair style and makeup pictures for MUA reference

1) Pair of cream casual loafers (Pedro)
2) Pair of black leather shoes (Pedro)
3) Hair cut
4) Tuxedo shirt and black shirt (Raoul-50% discount due to GSS)
5) Cuff links (Raoul-50% discount due to GSS)
6) Sport shoes for casual shots

For both of us
1) Facial by La Mer (His and Her)
2) Manicure and Pedicure (Her)

Actual day - items brought
1) Make up kit (facial blotter Foundation, blusher, mirror,lip gloss and lip stick)
2) Medicated oil
3) Tissue (wet and dry)
4) Straw for drinking
5) MTM crocheted dolls
6) Wedding bands
7) Solitaire diamond ring
8) Cosplay Umbrella
9) Clapboard
10) Film reel and cansister
11) Antique glasses
12) Wrist watch
13) List of hair style and and make up pictures
14) List of photographs for photographer
15) Backup contact lenses and eye drops
16) Helpers (Ask friends and relatives for help during the photo shoot)
17) Shoes (groom and bride)
18) Shirts (groom)
19) Belt (groom)
20) Cuff links for shirt (groom)
21) Accessories - pearl and diamante(bride)
22) Nu-bra (bride)
23) Cash to pay the MUA and miscellaneous items

Do note that unless you have a helper, there won't be anything taking care of things for you.

Solitaire's Actual Day Pre-wedding Photoshoot

According to my sister, i seem to be overdoing it for the photoshoot. bleah.
This is the whole truck i brought to the studio.
The list of things i jotted down so that i won't miss out anything.

On the actual day, my sister is the driver and makeup artist for outdoor shots and my SO's friend , tavy, helped to sneak photos.

The whole photoshoot process is both tiring and enjoyable. Smiling can be so tired. Worse if you are the kind who smile and the eyes will disappear. I hope i don't look startled when i try to pry open my eyes and smile at the same time.

I also did alot of yoga poses in my 3.5" heels. My SO has to make a lot of funny poses so i can smile more naturally. We both have a good laugh at how we fake we all look during photoshoot.

I haven't seen the photos yet. Cross fingers and hope that the photos taken by Di gio will be good.

Oh yes, i probably only use like less than 50% of the props. All the make up kit items i brought are not used at all. They still can be used for the actual day though. :D


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  2. Thank you so much for ur pre-wedding update
    am going for mine in 2 weeks time,
    quite nervous...

    1. Don't worry! just enjoy the process...
      its quite fun actually....even my hubby enjoyed himself on photoshoot day.