Monday, June 14, 2010

Solemisation Nightmare

I wonder if i've taken for granted that i can easily get a good solemniser. My definition of a good solemniser:
- needs to be on time
- friendly and easy going
- flexibility in handling tricky situations
- Good command of English and/or chinese speaking

He/She does not need to be very funny or entertaining. He just need to solemnise my wedding. But of course, i will only take recommendations from friends.

Sounds very easy? NO!
I figured that it soon to be turning out to be a nightmare. I can't get a solemniser for my exact timing. It must be between 6 - 630 pm on 10 Oct 2010.

For the fact that its a super hot date. I should have try to source for one earlier.

I've approached 3 solemnisers - 2 are not "hot seat" solemnisers.

One is currently booked for my required timing but offer us another time slots.
Another wants to evaluate us before accepting us.
The third is already fully booked

This is much more difficult than i thought.

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