Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fit for the King and Queen - Part 2

I was agonising whether to buy a box spring divan anot? Aside from looking chio, and easy to manage. I can flip the divan over and then slide it across somewhere for spring cleaning.

Its going to cost me an additional S$1,200 (Queen) and additional S$100 for (King).

But look what i found:

A Box Divan without Springs is an evolution of the traditional Box Spring Divan. It was later found that the springs within the box divan doesn’t affect your sleep at no way at all. In fact, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if your mattress is lying on top of a box spring divan or on the floor.

A box spring divan is an outdated, expensive, useless piece of bedroom furniture. Buy a divan without springs.


More more more! for people who just into details and internet information:
#Coil counts are just overrated, we should simply ignore them.
#Thickness of mattress is just a ploy to make mattress look comfy in showrooms. No other benefits.
#Box springs, totally unnecessary and waste of money.
#Firm mattress is good for the back – It’s not true, it is a myth.
#Extra Features like Ticking and Quilting, Non-Flip and warrenties are purely marketing gimmicks, don’t even think about it when deciding your purchase.
#mattress manufacturers rename their mattress for different stores so that you can’t compare apple to apple. Thus, they can mark-up the price however they want to, and you can’t compare prices.
#most mattresses manufacturers get their spring from the same company, we should ignore brand names and focus on the actual piece of mattress.

Knowing what these terms mean:
Inner spring -these have wire coils as the support structure and a strong wire border

Pocketed spring – contain individual springs that can move independently according to the irregular shape of the human body. Help to reduce partner disturbance

Memory foam- is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam and is denser than other foam mattresses, it adapts to the body shape and heat, and springs back into shape when pressure on it is removed

Latex is made out of natural rubber, or can be synthetic. It makes the most comfortable and lasting mattresses that are resistant to dust mites

Coir/jute -made out of natural dried coconut fiber, this type is meant for people with bad backs needing firm mattresses.

Good Luck in your bed shopping!

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