Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Invitations Headache

Whatever that comes free may not be exactly as you want it to be. I thought its something very very minor but now its staring flat back at me in the face.

Not using the hotels standard invites is most definitely going to cost.
:( My ever sane and practical SO tell me that NOBODY is ever going to pay attention to the cards nor keep them. Talking about rubbing salt to the wound.

I really dissappointed with the choice of selection. Particularly, when i am particular about design. Granted i don't have a flair for design but i think my expectations are high. Pulls hair more.

source from missysee

I went down physically to look at the cards and here's are the cards offered at the moment. The ones that are my top choice are the bride and groom invite or the red invite.

The alternative is to choose other cards from another file. With additional charges of course though i'm still unsatisfied with the selection.

I think i've been badly brainwashed by cardblanche and similar card companies. Grrrrrl.

Solitairebride you have to loosen up and close one eye! Or really close both eyes.


  1. Hi there. Fellow Hilton BTB here. I do not like the selections offered by the hotel too. I think I am going to top up the extra costs to get cards from the other selections. Despite what others say about guest not paying attention to the cards. I personally think the cards reflect on the groom & bride...

  2. xy: thanks for your feedback. I thought i was the only one who felt this way. So glad that there is someone who see the same way.