Saturday, April 3, 2010

Immoral Blood suckers

I seriously detest immoral vendors. Yes, we are preparing for the weddings but it doesn't entitle you to rip us off right?

The story goes like this:
I wanted to get a pair of crocheted wedding dolls for placement at the hood of the car. So i contacted this crafter that i know of who does wedding dolls. Her blog goes by JxxxxxTxx. She advised me of the pricing at S$80 for 6" dolls. Pricing is reasonable and acceptable and i asked her to make for me. According to her she's quite tight up at the moment and she will contact me early part of this year.

3 months flew past and no news from her. So i dropped her another email. Guess what she told me, she don't have any available ones (the dolls are supposed to be customised hello!!). And she will make a pair for me that is machine washable and 8" tall. And for her time and materials she will be charging me S$150!!!!

What the F@#$!!!! Granted the dolls she created are cute and nice. But you want to rip me off S$150 because you change your mind from the original quote? I personally feel that its downright immoral.

I pretty certain that you've gone through what i've gone through. And you know pretty well that anything that has a wedding tagged to it, the vendors will like to jacked up the price and yet you're still doing this. I so so DISGUSTED!

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