Monday, April 26, 2010

How to tone up when you are desperate?

Ok i've been regularly working out (2 times a week for the past 2 months).

What i hate most from my workout program is the crunches. I always marvel at the people beside me. Their strength and determination to do continuous set of crunches. That is like extremely painful.

After 4 weeks of easy going attitude, the first time i started to make more effort is the time when i went for my first fitting. I need to lose alot of weight. So many of the gowns feel so tiny. OMG!

Despite all my efforts, without cutting down my diet, the progress has been slow and tiring. Food is one of the love of my life. So desperation calls for desperate measures.

How about exercising while you walk? Here comes fitflops to the rescue.

A very expensive pair of slippers. But it came recommended by a colleague and the price has fallen by half already.

I wore it while walking along orchard road Tangs from Somerset MRT. I felt my lower calf feeling tired and the lower back too and its for 1 hour while shopping. And its bling bling and chio. I wanted to get a pair of birkinstock for the convenience of photoshoot. I think i'm going to wear this now. Provided it doesn't kill me first. Ha!

The marvels of this simple slipper (BELIEVE OR NOT. I CHOSE TO BELIEVE):
- increase leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity
- improve posture
- mimic the gait of barefoot walking but with more muscle load
- improve muscle tone

:Fitflop sandals were developed in the UK over a two year collaboration between founder Marcia Kilgore and expert biomechmanists Dr David Cook and Darren James from the CENTRE FOR HUMAN PERFORMANCE at London South Bank University. Originally designed to help modern woman squeeze a little more exercise into their increasingly hectic schedules, Fitflop footwear is built with patent-pending muscle-loading microwobbleboard midsole technology so you joust have to put a pair on to get a workout while you walk.

Women simply will do anything to look good on their wedding har? least for me.

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FitFlop Women's Flare Flip Flop,Pebble,7 M US
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