Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fit for the King and Queen

I believe looking for a bed is part and parcel of every wedding prepartion (ok at least for mine). Beds is another BIG BUDGET item.

Over the last weekend, i made a trip down the Furntiture Mall and lay down on a good number of beds. Aside from feeling the firmess of the beds (refer to end of entry for definitions), they are generally beds to me. But my significant other (SO) thinks otherwise and more particular. As such, he say, he will make the ultimate decision. Hrumph...

Armed with a little red book and pen, i took down the pricing. Namely pricing of beds and other nitty details that the sales person dished out. Like the number of coils, type of spring.

After trying alot of beds, (i try to avoid unknown brands), here's some of the shortlisted ones in order of preference.

- Slumberland (Royal Princess)
- Dunopillo ( Ambriosia)
- Simmons (Theodora)

Initially, we thought that we will like a medium firm bed. After trying out that many, we prefer a softer feel with pillow top that envelops us upon lying down.

At moment its a close fight betweeen Slumberland and Dunopillo. Simmons is out of consideration due to the PRICE.

Now i'm trying to look for reviews on after research, it seems like not such a good choice. There is not much information on slumberland as its not big in US. Most reviews came from US and their focus is on Serta, Sealy, Simmons and think kingsdown. That aside, my current research seem to indicate a pillowtop is a not good investment as they tend to SAG!!! Oops!

# Both plush and pillowtop offer some similar advantages over basic firm mattresses. For one thing, both offer an added layer of padding and cushioning to the mattress. For people who want a firm mattress but like the feeling of sinking into their mattress, plush and pillowtop are both choices to consider. Another key benefit of both types is that the extra cushioning can absorb some of the movement of a sleeping partner. One big benefit of pillowtop over plush is that pillowtop mattress are the thickest ones available, sometimes a few inches thicker just due to the cushioning of the top layer.

# A key disadvantage to the pillowtop mattress is that it can not usually be flipped over. Mattresses are flipped to help balance out the wear and tear over the years, but a pillowtop mattress can not be flipped due to the soft and thick top layer interfering with making the mattress level and supported on top of the box spring or frame.

Another disadvantage of the pillowtop design is that the mattress is often thicker than a normal mattress, meaning that standard-size bed sheets may not fit properly over the mattress.

Comfort level
Dust mite resistant
Motion isolation
No initial odour
Sex Friendly (Pardon the language)
Flip or non flip

Things to consider while buying FREEBIES.
Mattress Protector?
Height of frame? (Personal preference, i hate storage box type of frame because i cannot clean them. Prefer to have at least 6 inches of gap from floor and bed for easier sweeping)

I can't believe even the bed can be a huge headache.

Some terms you wish to know:
1.Ultra Solid- An exceptionally hard mattress comparable to sleeping on a carpet on the floor. Unsuitable for those who have not used it before since you may wake up with an aching body.

2.Super Firm- Recommended by Orthopedic Specialists or people with back problems needing firm support. Considered hard by most users.

3.Medium Firm- The ideal in-between mattress that is neither so hard as to be hurtful, nor too soft. Provides gentle support and meant for all those who do not have any specific firmness preference.

4.Cushion Soft- A soft mattress that provides comfort and support. Meant for those who add feather covers for a softer top.

5.Ultra Plush- The softest mattress, giving the luxurious feeling of supreme comfort.

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