Saturday, May 1, 2010

The budget conscious bride

I realise i'm really one of those budget conscious bride. I shall define it as someone who wants relatively weddings but still conscious of the budget and not over spending on her quest for the perfect wedding.

Of course, i'm envious of those who has no heed of a budget. And i can (though will be quite difficult and hard on my teeny pocket) if i want to make it really extravagent. I'm really not keen with parting with my hard earned money.

Yes! A wedding is once in a lifetime (or a few times for some). A wedding is only a day while a marriage is a lifetime. Because of this belief, i try not to overindulge in my once and only lifetime wedding.

So even though i try to plan my wedding around themes, i try to minimise the excess that i need to pay. And i have alot of considerations before i take the plunge. I wanted an additional overseas photoshoot but still not doing it because the studio photobook will end up in the store room after the wedding. I wanted a branded wedding band but in the end did not buy due to cost considerations.

I guess that's me. As long as i can diy and save cost and in the end i get my desired wedding. I'm happy!

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