Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hollywood Memorabilia

I finally found this locally. I've been surfing for quite some time and most places that sells them only deliver to Canada or USA itself. I especially love the Hollywood Memorabilia from

There is always VPOST, but the freight charges are pretty exorbitant. And then i remembered, Universal Studios, and there seem to be a pretty good chance to get it there. I tried to look for it at the gift store outside of Universal Studios. But there isn't any film reel or canister and the gift store personnel refuse to transfer some of the stuff from inside the Theme park for me. Fortunately, they have this S$2 entry after 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays in the Hollywood arena (essentially the Universal shopping area). So i should still consider myself lucky, perhaps?

Total damage for this is S$33.80 (S$16.90 each).

I also bought a clapboard from China and hope that it will arrive soon to Singapore. Will take pictures of it when i got it. This completes my Hollywood stuff except for a Director's megaphone.

Why they didn't they carry it at the Universal studio? Looks like i probably needs to DIY now.

Buy from AMAZON
Movie Reels Silver
Beistle 50091 Movie Reel with Filmstrip Centerpiece, 9-Inch

Neewer Acrylic Plastic 10x8"/25x20cm Dry Erase Director's Film Clapboard Cut Action Scene Clapper Board Slate with Color Sticks
Neewer® 12''X11''/30cm X 27cm Wooden Director's Film Movie Slateboard Clapper Board


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