Wednesday, May 12, 2010

La Mer Facial Review

I got this fabulous deal for 8 x facial at S$950 during the Christmas season in 2009. On top of that, i got a free photo printer from Tangs Shop which i subsequently sold. Effectively, my la mer package cost me S$80 per session. Whoopee!

The entire La Mer affair includes facial and eye treatment. The treatment lasted about 1 hr 30 mins. It started with arms and calf massage with exfoliation. After which, the full attention will be given on the face. Exfoliating, massaging,extraction and mask. The entire regime uses only La Mer products. And you are sure to be pampered like a princess. I always feel that my skin feels more radiant after the facial. Though my nose always peeled. Think the therapist is not very good with extraction.

So far, the service has been fairly good. Though I get pretty irritated at times due to difficulty in replacing a weekend booking. I usually have to do my facial one month later instead. That's because they only have one therapist at the Tangs counter and of course only one beauty cabine.

They do not allow interchanging at the relatively new Takashimaya cabine. Though, I've only been served once by the therapist at Takashimaya (prior to her shift from Tangs), she will be my preferred therapist if I've a choice. It cannot be helped I suppose. The current one is not too bad too.

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