Thursday, May 20, 2010

The new Poh Heng

So far my experience with them has been not too bad.

Recently, i took my engagement ring to re-size as it is too loose for me to wear since the very beginning. And there are numerous scratches on the engagement after 2 years of wear and tear. Part of the band has turned yellow somehow (i swear i didn't wear it for housework), so its time for it to go for an overhaul prior to my photoshoot in mid-june. The kiasu me want to make very sure that everything is done way in advance. Apparently, the servicing of the ring only needs 3 days. It still cost me S$45 to make it scratch free and as good as new. Now i can't bear to wear it till my phootshoot and my wedding day months down the road.

Anyway, i'm quite impressed with the new packaging that Poh Heng has done. It doesn't seem so passe. Its more modern and refreshing. And i'm most impressed with the ring box. The entire interior of the box is now BLACK. I makes my solitaire stands out all the more.

Not only that the Poh Heng brand is also in Gold. Gold against the black. So Classic.

So Poh Heng, please refund me my S$45 after my post. Or better yet, sponsor my jewellery. Muah ha ha.....

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