Friday, May 7, 2010

Scrapbooking Guest Signature Accordion Book

I always like scrapbooking and i self pick up while i scrap. The only class i attended so far is a card making session. I wanted to go for more but there hasn't been time for it.

I wanted my guest sign book to be different. So i decided to scrap my own guest book. As usual, with every new project there is a learning curve.

I learned that I need to create a mock up first! Else the end result is destroying my pretty paper.

I actually pasted everything for the top left already. And i realise its not glam enough to be my hollywood theme. And end up have to rip up everything again. Aghast!

The same happen to the other side of the cover. Gosh! I committed the same mistake because i did them at the same time.

So i mock up i did.

Still quite satisfied with the outcome of the scrapbook. Shall keep the final outlook till the actual day then.

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