Monday, May 24, 2010

My Fair Lady - IPSA Super Sun Block

I always like to look fair but i normally don't take extreme measures. I still walk in the sun as usual and what i used to cover up the face is my rountine moisturiser with the minimal spf 20s.

In my attempt to make more effort to look fair and pretty (for the wedding only), i start to source for an appropriate sunblock to apply on my face.

Here comes IPSA super sunblock to the rescue.

I love its texture which is not greasy at all and ease of application. So far, it seems to work well with my current moisturiser.

I hope that i can transform into a Fair Lady on my photoshoot in June till October. Most importantly, its easy on the pocket. So there what are you waiting for?

Anyway, i think recommendations for normal skincare. Sheseido - The skincare series doesn't seem to improve my complexion much. Appreciate any kind recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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