Monday, May 31, 2010

Slimming program

Now i really think i'm bonkers. Seriously, who will ever thought i will go for a slimming programme. To date, i've done 2 sessions of a slimming treatment call - G5 and body hot wrap.

G5 applies a G5 cream and then uses a machine to massage it into the body. Hoping to reduce body fat on problem areas like tummy and back thigh. (even if these body parts are obvious under the enormous gown.) But i still like to look my best on my wedding day. After 30mins of the G5 treatment, it will be another 40 mins of hot wrap. The therapist will apply some cream (which probably has methnol). It damn cold to touch. I will shiver after she finish application. Luckily, she wrapped me up in xellophane soon after. After wrapping, i really feel like a mummy. The rest of the time, i'll be wrapped in a hot blanket till the end of 40 mins.

There seem to be no evident improvement in body except the body is more toned and less cellulite. Don't think there is anything else has improved significantly. Though i was told i must do it weekly for 1 month before i can see improvement. But due to other commitment i can only do it on alternate weeks or longer. Sigh. Probably its time to cut my diet and work out more vigoriously.

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