Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soo Kee Review

After waiting for weeks, i finally got impatient. So i dropped an email Soo Kee writing about the situation and their promise to provide a ring pillow.

Immediately within hours, i got a call. From the Vivo city outlet. Woah....
That's prompt!

I was informed that the new ring pillows will be delivered in one week. And i may be able to collect it soon. :D

of course I collected it already. They called me when the pillows arrived and reserved one for me which is great.

The manager patiently show me how to tie the rings. Its a little different from what shown on websites. Let me describe it briefly in case i forget how to tie them months down the road.

1. Make a loop and slip the Male ring.
2. Hold on the loop, take another strand of ribbon. Make another loop. Slip on the other Female ring in the other loop.
3. Tie the 2 loops together to form a bow.
4. Arrange as desired.

The manager offered to do it perfectly for me. So i need not tie do it myself. I'm quite touched by the offer as its beyond the required level of service. And he made the extra step.

I got the ring pillow settled. I wanted to buy one but don't wish to spend extra. We'll see if i got the time to vamp it up abit.

Nevertheless, the ring pillow is pretty by itself.

Solitairebride's lessons learnt:
1) Feed back is important
2) Ask and it may be given. Keep quiet and you will never get it. Ever!

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  1. Hi dear, I love your blog to bits! It's really innovative and informative. And you really are very creative and disciplined person to set yourself down to do all the hand-crafted work! When's your big day? I'm looking forward to see the final works of your months of efforts. Do post these pictures up!

    And congrats to attaining your dream wedding~